Our Farm Shop in Malgovik

Our Farm Shop in Malgovik

Our farm shop in Malgovik is located alongside the well-known Vildmarksvägen (Wilderness Road) which leads up to Stekenjokk in the mountains. We sell handcrafted food from the farm’s own production; northern flatbread, cloudberry jam and smoked char. We also sell our popular Vilhelmina fudge in varios flavors. You can also find out fudge in a few select stores in the area.

What is unique about our farm shop is that we offer self-service. This means that we can be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We accept Swish primarily, and if you do not have access to this payment service, just let us know, and we will help you figure out how to pay,

History of Our Farm Shop

Our small farm shop has been around for about 16 years now. We started our business with two old fish farming cages that required us to go out with the boat now and then to conduct repairs.

In the beginning, we brought the fish into our boathouse for preparation. The boathouse was slightly tilted so we had to fasten our feet in the wintertime or we would glide right out the boat gate! Then, we picked up our barrack, that we pulled behind a tractor all the way home, and set up in the yard. How happy we were! Now we could stand indoors and pack fish and at the same time have freezers there that we could sell out of. It felt like such a luxary.

At the same time as we managed the business slowly forward in this way, we built a food room on the site of the old boathouse down by the lake. After a few years, it came into use and all fish handling ended up down there. We set up the barrack on the other side of the road from our house, and there it still stands. It now serves as a self-service store every day of the week, all year round. Highly appreciated by our customers who can come at any time of the day, buy food crafts, pay and then move on.



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